April 25, 2017

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Are the people around you holding you back?

April 24, 2017




When it comes to goal setting and understanding why you’re on the journey you’re on; you become a lot more focused and it's great, your daily rituals become orientated around it, we take action and change our nature in order to achieve this goal.



Nonetheless, unless you live like a monk or have focus levels of a Tibetan monk, then it’s hard to resist social events. Not only that, it’s damn hard to stick to your nutrition and/ or regime.


Say for example, you have a goal to change your body composition. You want to lose subcutaneous fat (body fat) and gain lean tissue (muscle), this indicates that some sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve this particular goal right?


Everything has a series of trade offs, you want to lose body fat? Your expenditure has to be greater than your intake of energy, that’s a trade off. In addition to this, testosterone levels will decrease. You want to gain lean tissue? Your body fat levels will increase, again; a trade off.


You find yourself stressing over what food to order when out in certain restaurants, or even worse; saying no and not going at all, just to avoid the stress, temptation or the possibility of imploding and eating alllll the fooood!



But let's say you do go out, you order the closest items on the menu that represent what nutritional program you’re on. Comments starting coming in off friends such as; you’ve changed, you’re warped and obsessed etc. etc. I empathise, I too have been in this situation.


But then it's perfectly normal for work colleagues to go out to fast food places to eat at lunch time? Hmmmmm!


How do we stay on our program but yet not feel like an outcast?


First of all, it will take time to build up the mentality to be able to say no, or to stop yourself from caving into peer pressure.


Start off straight away, don’t let old habits creep back in otherwise you’re opening yourself up to reverting back to square one and having to start the cycle off again from the start, meaning the goal you have will take longer to achieve. There’s a lot more to it than just sticking to a training and nutrition plan.


Everyone starts off somewhere, even people who are able to maintain a certain level of leanness, will have had to of build up these traits over a period of time. Personally, it's took me about a year to build up these traits to now be in a better position. We sometimes go for the short term prize and negate the long term goal.


Try explaining to a couple of your friends before going out what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Do this before going out on a social event so they have a better understanding. If they are friends, then i’m sure they will be understanding. They may still make the odd joke/ comment though, or is that just my friends?


Explain to them not only are you losing body fat and changing your physique, you’re stronger, you have more energy and feel a lot more confident within yourself. If you put this across to them in the right way then i’m sure they will be fine. Try not to sound patronising and remember, you’re doing this for you.


Likewise when they say you have issues or that you’re doing too much, just highlight the fact that you enjoy doing what you do. This could be easily said for someone who goes out drinking every weekend. People's opinion tend to come from social traits and trends, they may not perceive it as ‘normal’ and that’s cool.


So next time a social event comes up, instead of worrying about it, or even cancelling; try to implement some of these traits. Give it time, be consistent and remember why you’re on the journey you’re on.


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