April 25, 2017

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Controlling the controllables

March 4, 2018


Snow days are cool, a chance to relax, watch films and unwind. Who's stress levels have went down, given temporarily?


We can't control the weather so there's no worry.


Gyms have been closed, again something out of our hands.


Even if the gym was open, who went?


With an inevitable drop in activity and likely increase in 'comfort' food, it's cold outside, the films are on, its what you do on a ‘snow day’, right?


The whole of facebook's doing it, so there's an element of FOMO (fear of missing out), check me out being down with the cool gang.


This is exactly the same as any situation you  face in day to day life.


Too busy to train or prepare food, work, social life, kids, etc etc.


However, we can control what goes in our mouth and we can still control activity levels, even if the gym is shut. If you haven't got a weekly schedule that you can see, then how do you know you're too busy?


Time management and blocking timeout to train becomes a lot easier when a schedules in place.


CEO's are mega busy, but yet I can guess, most of them still find the time to workout.

There's always a way. Gym closed? Go for walks, take in the winter air, take the dog on longer walks, go sledging with the kids.


Struggle making time to prepare food? Look at your day and find an 30 minutes to an hour to prepare 2/3 meals for the rest of the day and lunch for the next day.


Packaged grains/ rices that are microwaveable, only take couple of minutes, cook some meats/ poultry off and split them up with a couple of servings of veg or fruit on the side.


Make a decent snack up of a protein bar, piece of fruit and low fat crisps (or whatever you have for a snack). 30 minutes to an hours prep with 3/4 meals, would actually save you time over them 2 days.


Supermarkets sell some great, meals that have some good nutrition in, that are tasty and cost a couple of quid each.


There’s always a way.


I completely understand there are genuine reasons, but they aren't everyday barriers for not being able to do something. They are usually the ones we can't control. When life throws the odd curveball. I get that.


But in my years of coaching, I've heard more or less all the usual day to day ones.


Now this isn't a bitch and moan.


Part of what I do as a coach is help people to implement strategies to help save time and create new habits.


Creating something to last a lifetime, takes a hell of amount of time and it needs that time to be able to work. How long have you been trying and inevitably failing for? 5, 10, 15 years?


It’s a long road of learning, more than likely failing and trying again.


Strategies and knowing certain cues that trigger a situation you need to change, can massively change behaviours around eating. Be aware of them and put a plan in place.


A big factor in failing of any diet is not addressing these and completely changing a whole lifestyle and expecting it to work.


If you are at a loss as to where to start, but really want to change for life the get in touch and we can start making the change.




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