April 25, 2017

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It’s 20% training and 80% diet

March 8, 2018

Heard this before? It was a big thing that resonated with a lot of people, heck, I used to preach it a few years back too. But back then, I was easily influenced and my thought processes weren’t really from a place that enabled growth.


I, along with thousands of others used to preach this.


Now? I cringe at the thought of me even spouting this back then, that and a load of other beliefs I had on health and fitness.


✅ Paleo was the only way anyone should eat


✅ Intermittent fasting for the best fat loss tool


✅ Weights for weight gain, cardio for fat loss (yep, embarrassing)


✅ Group fitness is terrible and avoid it all costs


✅ Running is the devil’s work and pointless


✅ HIIT was the only way to lose fat


✅ Low intensity cardio eats muscle at the speed of Usain Bolt’s 100m time


✅ Carbs make you fat



I was fully camping out in each one at different times, and anything other than these beliefs were completely inadequate. The one I preached was the dogs hangers. The all mighty, the be all and end all.


How ignorant. I wanted all of them to back my own beliefs, as if almost there was a massive argument of them and I needed to prove I was right. What an absolute tool I must’ve looked. Thing is, everyone was doing the same and you’d almost fall out with someone if you were in different camps. Everyone wants a sense of belonging, right?


The fact of the matter is, because I tried them all, it wasn’t until then, I could make a true decision whether or not they worked. I feel now, it was a vital part of my own education, understanding and learning. The me back then, means now I’m able to keep an open mind, question any new approach that is trending and make my own decision. As a result it enables me to choose the right approach for my clients, that best suits them at that time.


It’s only until you’ve tried everything, do you know what works best for you. But even then, that doesn’t mean to say it will continue to perform miracles for the rest of time. Our bodies are way too complex and adapt very easy. Throw in different stages of life and challenges along the way and you’re wondering why your golden ticket no longer works.  


Just like jegs (a geordie term for underpants), the approach will need to change; well, hopefully!


Moral of the story, try different approaches, review them and see if they work. If not, change your approach, if it does work, stick with it until you need to change.


Enjoy what you do, learn from it and make sure it’s sustainable.


Have trouble knowing what approach to take? Then get in touch and let’s get to work.




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