Dan used to be my PT when I lived in the area and he is someone I truly miss. Although he would put me through some tough workouts he made every session truly enjoyable.
When I started with Dan I didn't have the greatest of confidence in the gym, especially in the big boy weight area!! However with having sessions with Dan this became a distant memory.

At the time I had an incredibly stressful job, which I had to work all over the country for, Dan was so understanding of this and even researched places for me to eat when I'm was staying away.

Thank you Dan for everything and starting me on the journey for me to get the body I've long desired.

Jamie Hadleigh

I have been training with Dan Marriott for over 6 years. He listens to my goals, understands the complex situations that his clients are in and delivers a program that is achievable and rewarding.


Each training session I learn more every time, and I have learnt the importance of form, which you can't get from a remote/ online personal trainer.


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